24 April 2018


Martin Steuble marked his return to competitive football last April 11 on a humid night in Phnom Penh in the AFC Cup. It was the Ceres veteran’s first appearance after limping off the second leg of the ASEAN final in Bacolod last year.
Steuble checked in the 81st minute against Boeung Ket and produced a good run on the pitch after challenging phase of treatment and rehabilitation. He was in good spirits after the match where he almost produced an assist and showed good form for his squad.
“I’m very happy to be back,” said the former MLS player. “I’m happy to be able to play and be on the pitch again with my teammates. The rehab is now behind me but I still have to work further to maintain my condition,” he added.
The former national team player felt a pop in his knee in August of last year which showed no ligament damage after initial tests. With no improvements to his condition after therapy, Steuble had to consult with other specialists who eventually found the true cause of his inury
“It was a nerve problem which blocked some functions of my body. With time, it affected my knee which was used in a wrong way until it popped. It took maybe 1 1/2 to 2 years until it happened,” he added.
The versatile playmaker returned to the team last January in full fitness after getting the right treatment in Switzerzland months earluer. His return however had a few setbacks as his knee didn’t have the desired reaction to the higher load.
“I had to do further treatment to just release and unblock my nerves again. It took some time but I would say I’m back now for more than a month and fully back in team training,” said Steuble.
The 29-year old is however not rushing into things after getting a taste of competitive football. “If you’re out for eight months, you appreciate all the things. For me to share the field again with my teammates and just to be able to be part of it is already great. So I try not to think too far ahead,” said the Swiss league veteran.
“We have a lot of games coming and we need all of the players. I’m  sure I will get my minutes whenever I get the trust from the coach and from my teammates and I want to pay them back with a good performance,” Steuble added.

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