18 January 2018

PFL - Ilocos United withdraw

Ilocos United Football Club has today decided to withdraw from the Philippines Football League (PFL) for the 2018 season.
Unfortunately, after months of negotiation, efforts to attract a new naming sponsor for the Team were unsuccessful. Consequently, it has become financially prohibitive to continue participation in the PFL. Primarily, the lack of broadcasting exposure in 2017 created an apprehension in the corporate community, cascading into a series of afflictions that has ultimately led to our withdrawal from the competition.
The Club, our players, coaches, staff, and management, wish to extend our deepest gratitude to our supporter base around the country for its fervent and unwavering support throughout our 2017 campaign. We are cautiously optimistic of a potential return to the PFL for the 2019 season, whereby secured broadcasting exposure will hopefully lead to higher confidence from potential sponsorship partners.
In the meantime, the foundation of football development we helped to build in Ilocos will continue, including grassroots initiatives at local schools, women’s futsal, Special Olympics, and, of course, the IUFC Academy.
We wish the PFL continued growth and urge that the nation joins us in continuing to support the development of the beautiful game in the Philippines.
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Tony Lazaro
CEO, Ilocos United Football Club


  1. Guess that’s it for the PFL. Down to six teams since Meralco withdrew. Too little to create an exciting and competitive league that desperately needs broadcasting exposure!

    1. pero there is upcoming visayan derbies.

      Kaya fc relocated to Iloilo,NCFC in contention pa sa AFC CL qualifiers against Brisbane Roar.

      Don't lose hope global football is bigger than mainstream Philippine media, reminders 2018 year football yan matindi ang hype dyan because of Russia 2018 WC di papahuli local media dyan.

  2. Wala na! How can the league even continue with only 6 teams?

    1. 2 teams withdrawn eh may remaining six clubs pa..may natitirang lifeline pa ang PFL. CNFC,Kaya FC and Global Cebu may established crowd support sila, Davao Agilas growing crowd support,SLFC may strong LGU and corporate backer, yung JPV bankrolled Japanese businessmen.

      Ultras and Tipos culture in the Philippines slowly but surely growing.

      In my opinion the league will survive aabpt pa next year