27 January 2018


The second part of the Philippines Football League Club Workshop has begun with the Club Marketing Workshop currently being held from 25-26 January 2018 at the PFF House of Football in Pasig City.
The Club Marketing Workshop is the second phase of the three-fold workshop in which the first part was focusing on Club Registration and the introduction of the Online Competition Management System. The third phase will focus on Match Organization.
Clubs were individually briefed on the current marketing trends within football and the best practices that can be applied in the Philippine setting.
Handling the club workshop is AFC consultant Mr. Kentaro Hiyoshi.
“Club marketing is a crucial part of running a professional club,” said PFL Chief Executive Officer Lazarus J. Xavier. “In order to sustain a professional club, clubs must exhaust all means of marketing efforts to raise the standard of the sport in the country.”


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  1. Good, but the workshop focuses on marketing BY the clubs.Hope that the league itself level up their marketing efforts.