01 November 2017

Global Cebu FC looking forward to improved partnership in 2018

CEBU, Philippines — With its first season in Cebu almost over, Global Cebu FC is looking forward to the 2018 season and hopes to further solidify its status as Cebu's only professional club and strengthen its partnership with the local partners and community.
Global Cebu FC managing director Hinko Kostanjevec said the club faced many obstacles in their transfer from Manila to Cebu but still managed to achieve different milestones.

Global Cebu FC played its first few PFL home games in Manila before transferring to Cebu last July 5, hosting and beating rival Ceres FC in their home debut. It is still undefeated in Cebu and the home games has been consistently the biggest in terms of paying audience in the league.
Since beating Ceres at home, Global beat Stallion Laguna, 3-0, Davao Aguilas, 2-1, Ilocos United, 2-1, and 3-2, and drew Kaya and FC Meralco Manila.
"Our transition to Cebu has been a lot of work, we have achieved much forwad progress and we believe our decision to relocate to our new home was right," said Kostanjevec. "If all goes as planned, in our second year, many of our milestones will be in full operation for the benefit of Cebu."
Among the major plans for Global Cebu is the establishment of a training pitch that will be open for use for the local community and the establishment of an elite school and academy.
"We are looking at two venues with two pitches each so we can alternate its use. We will also put up lights so we can train during night time," said Kostanjevec.
Kostanjevec said the field won't be for the exclusive use of Global Cebu FC but will also be open for the community.
"We also want to establish a Sunday league for the youth teams, so they will have more games to play in. Of course, we will not be competing with the local tournaments like the Thirsty, SunStar or Aboitiz Cups but instead, our Sunday league will complement it," said Kostanjevec, who used to work with major clubs in Europe.

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  1. All promises Global? Did you pay the players salary already? Where is your promise that you will have a youth team in cebu and travel them to the US and Europe for different tournaments and further give them exposures? Btw, leylam will put a PFL team in the future and Global will not be the only cebu based team anymore.