01 November 2017

Futsal in the Philippines will be reboot – Dominguez

HO CHI MINH CITY (31 Oct 2017) – The string of high scores were certainly not good for the image of Futsal in ASEAN but if there’s anything which is certain, it is that steps are already being taken to ensure that there will not be a repeat in 2018.
Christian Dominguez, the head coach of the Philippines whose team let in a whopping 75 goals without scoring even once, said that the Philippines are seriously looking at a reboot of the indoor games in the country.
“Previously, we had some problems which I would rather not go into,” said Dominguez (main pix).
“But after this tournament, we are seriously looking at a reboot or a revamp of the Futsal game in the Philippines. Before, we had opted for naturalised players but I believe that we have realised this is not correct.
“We need to look at the games from a more developmental which is long term rather than short. Furthermore, the team that we have brought here is a really young team, so they are short of experience.
“This team will be the core squad for the SEA Games in 2019 which the Philippines will host. So I would like to say it here that you will not see such high scores again at the next AFF Futsal edition in 2018 – that I can assure you.”
Being placed in a tough group which included Vietnam, Myanmar and Indonesia certainly did not help matters where the loss to Brunei in their last group game was the final straw.


  1. OK, the first thing in this reboot is to boot out Mr. Christian Dominguez. This guy is trying to protect his butt by pretending that he knows how to solve the problem. For us, He is the problem!

  2. yeah right..tapos ang pinadala na futsal players is from U&AP...i smell $$$$...kahit rag team from visayas will school the so-called team philippines

    1. Hi idiot.
      The UAAP standouts are mostly from Visayas.

    2. hello idiot keyboard warrior!
      U&AP is the University of Asia Pacific and not the UAAP! mag basa ka muna before mag comment! sila ang pina dala as representative sa futsal..thats why tambak ang score!