10 November 2017

10 Nov Weekly CEO Column: LFI Disciplinary Committee Decision

With the recent LFI Disciplinary Committee decisions posted in our website and social media platforms, I would like to start this column by explaining certain inquiries posted in our social media. For a start, the responsibilities and function of the LFI Disciplinary Committee is stipulated in the PFF Disciplinary Code (“Code”). This document together with the PFL Tournament Regulations are found in the PFL website, or through this link.
The establishment of the LFI Disciplinary Committee is timely as there was a growing trend of indiscipline reported by match officials. Principles of fair play, respect and integrity should never be compromised.
There were some concerns on whether these decisions should be made public. Article 88 par. 2 of the Code provides for the contents of those decisions already notified to the addressees be made public. These decisions were already communicated to the Clubs prior to its publication. It is common practice and provided for under the rules of the football governing bodies to publish decisions of its judicial bodies.
In my next Column, we will invite the Chairman of the LFI Disciplinary Committee to provide an insight on how decisions are taken by the LFI Disciplinary Committee in accordance with the Code.
Lazarus J. Xavier
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