09 November 2017

09 Nov First PFL Disciplinary Committee Decisions Published

The Philippines Football League (LFI) Disciplinary Committee made decisions on several cases in their first Disciplinary Committee meeting held last 7 November 2017.
Player Adam Tull from Kaya FC-Makati was handed out a nine match suspension for three offenses over two matches in violation of Articles 48, 49, and 57 of the PFF Disciplinary Code. Tull is also ordered to pay a fine of P50,000.
Player Paolo Pavone from Ilocos United FC was handed out a six match suspension for three offenses over two matches in violation of Articles 49 & 57 of the PFF Disciplinary Code and Article 8 of the PFL Tournament Regulations.
Davao Aguilas FC Assistant Coach Melchor Anzures was given a four match suspension for misconduct against match officials in violation of Article 49 of the PFF Disciplinary Code.
Kaya FC Makati was also fined a total of P175,000 for the behavior of its fans in their home match against Global Cebu FC on 2 July 2017 and for its away match against FC Meralco Manila on 5 August 2017 pursuant to Article 65 and 67 of the Disciplinary Code.
Players Sean Kane, Masaki Yanagawa, and Takashi Odawara from JPV Marikina FC were also fined P25,000 each for exhibiting unsporting behavior towards the Match Commissioner for a violation of Article 19.3 of the PFL Tournament Regulations and Article 57 of the Disciplinary Code.
For the rest of the decisions, please see here



  1. I am curious if the players are being paid enough to pay these fines. Also, are the club making enough money from tickets to pay their fines.

  2. They should also fine those stupid referees, especially the referee who stopped the match between JPV Marikina vs Ceres-Negros, on the grounds of poor visibility. The guy is either blind or totally stupid.

  3. Why did it take forever (months) for the PFF Disciplinary Committee to act on the commission of an offense of misconduct of a player or official? Is there no time limit set by PFF between the commission of an offense of misconduct, and the date on which disciplinary action is taken?

    In order to optimize the corrective effect of discipline it needs to be implemented as swiftly as possible. PFF should raise and deal with offenses promptly -- unreasonably delay of meetings, decisions and/or confirmation of those disciplinary decisions can be found to be faulty.

  4. I agree, the timing of the sanction seems arbitrary. How do they even act on these misconduct? Officials submit written report on the incident and tge dosciplinary committee decides base on text or even worse the people were summoned on Nov 10 to report on incident weeks ago?

    But good that they made this file available to the public.