12 March 2017

PFL : Ilocos United FC

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Ilocos United Football Club:


March 13, 2017 (Monday) at the Quirino Stadium, Bantay, Ilocos Sur

7:00 am to 9:00 am and 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm

(Age: 16 and up)

Please bring player's profile with picture.This is open to 16yrs. old to 30yrs. old. For more inquiries please contact Mr.Marius Cabudol, Provincial Sports Coordinator @ Cp.No. 09178844892.

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  1. It's ridiculous that the non NCR clubs are named after an entire region rather than the city they're based in. It would be like an NCR club being named "Metro Manila FC" or something similar.

    There's Ilocos Norte and Sur. Ilocos United is based in Vigan which is one of the smaller cities in Ilocos Sur yet they're "Ilocos United" as if they're also representing the rest of Ilocos Sur and even the North.

    There's Negros Occidental and Oriental. Ceres is based out of Bacolod yet they're "Ceres-Negros" as if they're also representing the rest of Neg. Occ. and even Oriental.

    There's four Davao provinces. Davao Aguilas are based in Tagum which is in Davao del Norte which obviously outside of Metro Davao. Simply having Davao suggests they're based in Davao City or even representing the entire Davao region.

    Ironically, Global doesn't follow this trend. They're in a category of their own. Instead of Cebu City, they went with the nickname of the city but even then it's suppose to be "Queen City of the South".

    Stallion also doesn't follow that trend but they've went with the entire province of Laguna rather than Binan where they're based.

    Still waiting for what LMS will rename to... "Taguig Meralco Sparks"?? Seems the most obvious but obvious doesn't seem to followed in matters within the Philippines more often than not. lol!!

    1. Global apparently goes under the name "Global Cebu FC".

    2. I don't think that would be a problem since they could get the support of the whole region instead of just the host city. This could potentially multiply the fanbase. Ceres Negros FC for example could have Dumaguete, another footballing city, as a second home and could even play 1 or 2 of their home games there. Incidentally,the Yansons also has family there and Dumaguete also boasts of some very good football pitches. The same could be said for Davao Agilas, Ilocos United and even for Global Cebu FC. On the global scale, we look no further than the NBA where the Indiana Pacers, Minnesota Timberwolves, Utah Jazz and the Golden State Warriors who represent the state rather as well the city they are based in. It is a good marketing strategy and its not a trend that started in the Philippines.

    3. what's wrong with clubs naming their teams not after their cities? in the Philippines, that's the correct move if we want to promote football in the country. you only restrict your name to your city if other cities within your area have teams of their own. in developed football nations, minsan nga sa sarili mong city may kahati ka pang representative (e.g., Man U and City). in the Philippines, if a Vigan-based club can represent an entire footballing region, pwede at reasonable iyan dahil wala namang ibang developed na football clubs. 'wag tayo masyadong maging gaya gaya puto maya sa football scenes ng ibang bansa.

    4. Right on. And if you follow the EPL, London metropolitan area has Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, West Ham, QPR and Crystal Palace. Atletico Manila, Real Cebu, Sporting Club de Iloilo, Spartak Legazpi and Inter Gen San would sound good and classy though. Real Salt Lake and Sporting Kansas City of the MLS were able to pull it off so there is a precedence.

    5. Tonto ka Pilipinas ito huwag mo naman gayahin EFL at iba pa. Pilipinas ito mga gonggong.

    6. Mas tonto ka. Alam mo ba forum to? Wala ka kasi alam. Kaya hindi aasenso ang Pinas, its because of low lifers like you. Go get a life you mofo!

    7. Para sakin, sa ngayon ayos lang naman na yan ang pangalan, mas ok na yan kesa naman katulad sa PBA ang mga pangalan ng team. Kung buong Ilocos ayos lang kasi hindi pa naman ganun kalaganap ang futbol sa Pilipinas, buti sana kung sikat ng husto talaga katulad sa Germany o England.

  2. Good to see a club based from the North. Just some criticism, the logo looks like a generic club logo and decided just to slap in a football on the province seal. Imho it would have been better to just use the province seal with some tweaks to the text since I assumed the club is sanctioned by their LGU.

    In fairness, their website design is promising. Just hope it won't remain a one-page template.

  3. Sana my logo contest and ilocos utd.

  4. any news sa line up ng Ilocos Utd? tapos na ata try outs nila ah.

  5. Wow a football Club of the North this is intresting sana marami ang sumuporta sa kanila at mabuo ang fan-base, I'm excited for this National League talaga.