22 August 2016

23 Man Line-up for the Friendly against Turkmenistan

International Friendly (PHIvTUR)

The Philippine Men’s team is set to face Turkmenistan in an International Friendly Match on 02 September 2016 at the Philippine Sports Stadium in Bocaue, Bulacan (20:00 Kick-off time).

The following players have been called up for the match:

  1. Amani Manuel AGUINALDO

  1. Misagh BAHADORAN

  1. Kenshiro Michael DANIELS

  1. Patrick Phillip DEYTO

  1. Neil Leonard ETHERIDGE

  1. Daniel Bernan GADIA

  1. Kevin INGRESO

  1. Roland Richard MÜLLER

  1. Jim Junior MUÑOZ

  1. Manuel OTT

  1. Javier PATIÑO

  1. Iain RAMSAY

  1. Patrick REICHELT

  1. Simone ROTA

  1. Daisuke SATO

  1. Stephan Markus SCHRÖCK

  1. Martin Markus STEUBLE

  1. Miguel TANTON

  1. Dennis VILLANUEVA

  1. Luke WOODLAND

  1. James Joseph YOUNGHUSBAND

  1. Philip James YOUNGHUSBAND

  1. Stephen PALLA

The coaching staff is led by Thomas Dooley who is assisted by Jose Ariston Caslib and Jon Pascua.


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  1. Palla is injured and will not be playing in friendlies