06 November 2013

PFF Smart National Club Championship


Date: Dec 9-13, 2013, Final Qualifying Round 
Dec 15-18, 2013, Semi Finals (Home and Away format)
Dec 19-21, 2013, Finals (Home and Away format)

Venue: Panaad Sports Complex and North Football Field , Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

10 Teams Qualified for the next round :

1. BSU FC - Baguio City-Benguet FA
2. CBSUA FC - Naga City-Cam Sur FA
3. Ceres FC - Negros Occidental FA
4. Manolo Fortich (Del Monte) FC - Bukidnon FA
5. Columbia FC - Davao FA
6. M'lang FC - North Cotabato FA
7. Alia FC - Zamboanga FA
8. Palawan FC - Palawan FA
9. Flame United Cherifer FC - Cavite FA
10. Global FC - Leyte FA (to be determined)

Cebu Queen City United FC - Cebu FA (to be determined)

Thanks to Ryn Ka (Facebook)


  1. Final qualifying round has been moved from Nov 12. Good news for Global....

    1. not good news jonny,bad news for cebu queen city united kasi pinaghirapan na nila qualified na sila tapos laglag lng ikaw matutuwa ka ba?

  2. There should be a united stand of all the fa's regarding the sudden entry of Global. What a pity!

  3. The original schedule for the PFF Smart National Club Championship Final Round was initially scheduled on November 8 and the championship match on December 14. Then the schedule was revised and the Final Round was rescheduled for November 12 only to be moved again to December 9.

    It is strongly perceived that the changes were done to specifically fit the schedule of activities of Global FC as we are aware that they will be competing today for 3rd and 4th place in the RHB Singapore Cup and then most of the Global players will proceed to the UAE and India with the national team for the scheduled friendly matches. Upon their return they will have to compete in the UFL Cup which will conclude around December 5. If the PFF National Club Championship schedule was not revised Global FC may have to skip some important matches either in the UFL Cup or the PFF National Club Championship as the activities overlap. The preferential treatment of Global FC is unprecedented.

  4. Did Cebu Queen City United protest against PFF decison to let Global play in the qualifiers ?

  5. and that's it pff and global are crazy kaya d na ko magtataka kng bkit d sila nasama sa sea games kc mga wla silang kwenta "global peoples club" kuno lol.....

  6. Gumagalaw na ang mga galamay ni Palami

    1. Tutoo yan taktakbo siya sa 2015 for PFF President.Babayarin niya yung mga presidente sa Mindanao para manalo.

  7. Why was Rufo Sanchez allowed to play in PFF Smart qualifier against Northern Samar (Hijos Fc) when he is suspended from UFL Cup and Singapore Cup ?

    1. Simple answer..
      Palami own PFF..
      As long as he can pull strings he will do so..
      Only the head of POC got the balls to stand up to this guy..

  8. Global is presently playing against Balestier Khalsa FC for 3rdf Place. Sanchez was not allowed to play in the Singapore Cup this evening.

  9. cgurado taob cla,may kasabihan nga na kakarmahin din yan at sana talunin cla ng cebu queen city united para tuloyan ng masira ulo ni patlami lol.....

  10. haha, global lost 0-1 to balestier khalsa fc!! Justice has been done!