03 November 2013

Azkals news , no friendly for Nov 19

Azkals will be leaving for UAE on November 5.

Azkals is playing a friendly against UAE in Abu Dhabi on Nov 9, but Global FC is playing Singapore Cup against Balestier Khalsa (third place match) 7.30 pm on November 7.

Seems that Global Fc 9 players in Azkals squad will be going to UAE after Singapore Cup match.

Azkals will be playing  a friendly against India on FIFA match day November 15 .

There will be no friendly on FIFA match day November 19.


  1. What's the reason now for no friendly on the 19th?

    Seriously the PFF are bunch fuckin retards! They decline a double header against India because they supposedly have another team to play against but end up with fuck all!! Brilliant yet again!!

  2. Since club teams allow their players to play fr national team on Nov 9 which is not a FIFA match date, it is only fair that there will be no more friendly for Nov 19; otherwise club players will be with national team for very long period.....players have club team duties also....

    1. Agree..
      Ask guraido who was sacked from the indian club due too much focus on azkals..

  3. Agree. UFL has on-going tournament and clubs need their players also.....players are trained by their clubs first and foremost....national team benefits from club training....national team coach go for cohesion....players' basic skills are honed in club trainings........