25 July 2013

Fil-am Nick Rimando ready for Gold Cup final for USA

Fil-am GK Nick Rimando is ready for Gold Cup final for USA MNT against Panama after winning 3-1 against Honduras in semifinal last night.


  1. oh..
    He won't represent us anymore.
    So please do not post this type of news.

  2. He's AMERICAN!!! Yes he's of part Filipino DESCENT but he's AMERICAN. He's also of MEXICAN DESCENT so saying that he's "Fil-Am" is even more wrong!!

  3. and even he would be "full" Filipino - we have enough goal keepers (Mueller, Etheridge,Sacapano...)....we need more reinforcement at other positions e.g. defense i think.....

  4. you guys like to claim pinoys who doesn't even consider themselves pinoy. bunch of fools.

  5. he is proud of his filipino heritage. he never got to play for us since the united states offered to cap him first. philippine football was nowhere when he peaked.
    *zidane playing for france didn't make him less algerian.