26 July 2013

ASEAN U15 - Philippines U15 4-3 Lao Toyota FC

Starting XI : Ebarle Casambre Miyagi Asong Winhoffer Diamante Marfiga Lapas Patangan Miller Borlongan

3-1 HT (Borlangan 2 goals , Marfiga)
79 min 4-3 Palmero Philippines U15
4-3 FT

1 comment:

  1. This is bad. majority of Philippines U15 are composed of national mainstays while the Laos team are academy based and yet we only won 3 games in the competition. Maybe the coaching staff should be replaced as they are not doing their job very well and some new members are being inserted in the line up which proved to be an average performer when it comes to international competitions. These team performed well in Italy and in Japan last year including the Festival of Football in Malaysia for 2 years in a row and i'm wondering why the team is faltering now? Whose fault is this? Are there no academy for these boys? What happened to the program made by PFF?