16 August 2010

Mike Limpag : An appeal to PFF Board of Governors

This is a comment on my column, “It’s time to kick Martinez out of the PFF”

I am just reprinting it here.


BOG should stop saving kissing Martinez’s ass

Its not just Martinez who should be ousted. The spotlight should be likewise focused on some of the members of the PFF Board of Governors who to this day continue to protect Martinez ravenous greed in the gross misuse of PFF funds and looting the PFF Treasury.

Despite very alarming revelations of corruption such as but not limited to the use of PFF funds to pay for Martinez rental for his residential condo unit, to pay for his personal credit card expenses, expenses for car accessories, signing rights in Valle Verde Country Club for himself and his personal associates, and investing PFF funds in gambling activities by loaning football funds to casino financiers etc, a number of the PFF BOARD members have blocked moves to call an emergency meeting or a special board meeting to call for an immediate investigation and take necessary measures to ending looting, abusive, and corruptive practices of Martinez.

Leopoldo C. Arnaiz – President- Baguio FA, Flaviano S. Fucoy, III – President- Zamboanga Sur FA, Glen Troy S. Caritativo -President- Tarlac FA, Renato E. Cosmod – President- Davao Norte and Joselito F. Pinol – President- North Cotabato should all be charged with knowingly and willfully assents to patently corruptive practices. They are likewise equally quilty of gross negligence or bad faith in directing the affairs of the PFF.
Their action in refusing to sign a formal call for a SPECIAL BOG MEETING should support the charges.

In addition, we should keep an extra watchful eye on Ramon B. Manlunas – President- Bukidnon FA and Jose V. Reniva – President- Camarines Norte FA. These two presidents signed the formal call for a Special Board Meeting but it has been reported that both seems to be incommunicado a few days before and after their very recent trip to Kuala Lumpur which included other Board Loyalist such as Aranaiz, Fucoy, and Cosmod and of course PFF Prexy Martinez. The purpose and objective of the trip is still undisclosed.

A few days after their arrival from KL Martinez was overheard by a PFF employee almost bragging to an officer of another Provincial FA na “LUSOT NA AKO SA KASO, HAWAK KO NA ANG BOG”.

A public appeal to Juan Luis Z. Carpio – President- Camarines Sur FA and Carlos O. Cojuangco – President- Negros Occidental FA to become active rather than passive or disengaged Board Members. You are not seating as representatives for your FA but representing and protecting the interest of the Visaya and Luzon Group.

More, someone must also look into the background of Mr. Henry Tsai. Tsai has been a long time associate of Mr. Martinez. His involvement in the PFF affairs is not accidental. It has been reported that presently the friendship between Martinez and Tsai has fallen apart —–money issues being the cause of the break up. Confirmed reports from very reliable sources have affirmed that Tsai has a long list of estafa cases filed with the NBI. Should this individual be trusted with PFF Funds? Would it be in the interest of the corporation to have Tsai as a signatory to PFF bank accounts especially when the PFF has no system on checks and balances.

Last Aug 11, 2010 he PFF received from FIFA it share for a one-time bonus payment to member associations for 2010, the equivalent to the regular yearly payment of USD 250,000 for each member association under the FIFA FAP Program. The Bonus is supposed to come in two payments—50% to be disbursed on Aug 11, 2010 and the balance on June 30, 2011. But should a member association request to receive the bonus in one installment such is possible upon a written request by July 31, 2010. With Martinez greed it is most likely that he requested for a one time installment and that the PFF must have now in their accounts the full bonus of USD 250,000.

Question is will it be Martinez or Philippine Football that will benefit from this bonus. There is no doubt unless the Board acts NOW the USD 250,000 will not go to Football Development but to Martinez and to his cohorts.

Cebu Football (Mike Limpag)


  1. true. sad but very true. in my case, i have been informed that mari is moving heaven and earth (+ 5 lawyers) to prevent me from attending the next PFF congress because I am a troublemaker? I cannot understand how that can be. I am just exercising my right and responsibility as a member of PFF congress. Troublemaker you say? Maybe for people who are guilty of allegations stated above.

  2. Truth and its messengers are the greatest fear of Martinez and he and his co-conspirators will stop at nothing to suppress the truth. It will be very difficult to keep anyone out of Congress without any justifiable cause but this is not the first time he has plotted against you and rumors have it that in the recently Martinez attempted to even bribe one of your officers to unseat you for a cool 50k! So far he has failed in all his attempts and it is most likely he will fail again.


  3. its funny to see how the wind of change turned this time, last time i remember, some members of the bog was doing their best trying to give what was due for the coaches and trying to stop the pff president for further miss appropriating the pff funds but our voices fell on deaf, if we had put our acts together things should had stop from there, but other BOG and FA members choose not to hid the call of vigilance, specially this fa president from cebu who probably knew that better days is coming for him, right after that congress i remember the crooks went to malaysia and visit one of their own, the afc president for a junket... now i was wondering why the hell this president is crying foul?