21 August 2010

Cebu Football - Aboitiz Foundation eyes scholarships for footballers

By Iste S. Leopoldo

ABOITIZ Foundation Inc. is extending its support to local footballers from the pitch to the classroom.

Aboitiz Foundation president Jon Ramon Aboitiz said they are looking into the possibility of providing educational scholarships for players who excel in the classroom and in the game during this year’s 13th Aboitiz Football Cup.

“We will be identifying these kids who can excel both in their academics and in sports, and support them in achieving their dreams in whatever ways we can,” Aboitiz said.

The Aboitiz Cup, which started in 1997, has already produced a lot of accomplished football players like former national player Oliver Colina, who now coaches the RP Boys 14-Under team.

“The whole idea behind the Aboitiz Football Cup is the promotion of football among the youth of Cebu. This is how committed we are in supporting football in Cebu,” Aboitiz said.

The Aboitiz Foundation Inc. and the Cebu Football Association (CFA) signed a memorandum of agreement yesterday for this year’s tournament, which will start on Aug. 29 at the Aboitiz Sports Field in Mandaue City.

“I am pleased to see the growing popularity of football in Cebu. Since the Aboitiz Cup was launched, it is now Cebu’s premiere football event and the longest running age-group tournament. The Aboitiz Foundation will continue to support the AFC,” Aboitiz said.

This year, the Aboitiz Foundation increased their funding for the tournament from P690,000 to P1.1 million.

Yesterday, Aboitiz Foundation handed over the first P200,000-check to the CFA during the MOA signing. Also present yesterday were Aboitiz Foundation managing trustee Sonny Carpio, Aboitiz Equity Ventures (AEV) chief reputation officer Sebastian Lacson, AboitizLand assistant vice president for external affairs Allan Alfon, and CFA tournament director Adonis Quitoy.

Lacson said football is a sport Filipinos can excel in.

“For football to become popular, more children have to play it and for that to happen, more playing fields have to be put up all over the country,” Lacson said.

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  1. Congratulations to Aboitiz for this latest support of football in Cebu. Aboitiz have been at the forefront of football development in Cebu for more than a decade now with the jewel in the crown being the Aboitiz field complex in Mandaue City.
    I spent a very enjoyable morning watching under 8 football there last year and marvelled at the Aboitiz commitment. Given that the majority of people with a land holding of that size in Mandaue would use it for commercial gain Aboitiz stands head and shoulders above the rest. Now the news of scholarships for deserving players is yet another boost.
    Congratulations to Jon and Bobby Aboitiz for their continuing committment to Cebu football.
    I know they have their business conglomerate to oversee but these two gentlemen are exactly the type of people needed to forge the future of Philippine football.
    No personal or hidden agendas only the future of football uppermost in their thinking.

  2. Follow Law of the game:
    The field accordingly has minimum length of 90 meters and 45 meters minimum width, which could apply to both used Aboitiz fields. Therefore the measurements, goal-area, penalty-area, free-kick distance etc must be according to law of the game.
    The minimum number of players to start the game is 7 and not 9 (CFA defined rule not valid).
    Each player should have an ID, we paid 10,000 pesos already. The ID can be made in a very simple form (like Milo?). It must contain Name and birthdate, club name and eligibility to play for which teams (category). Youth players can not be allowed to play for adult teams of other clubs.
    An independent committee must be set up for handling any violation and must allow appeals to PFF. No participating person can be a member.
    Priority has to be given to Clubs, especially clubs who have youth and adult teams.
    Registration must be clearly defined.it must be clear, if members of clubs can be added to the lineup before or after the 1.game.
    Clubs with youth teams must be allowed to put for youth teams registered youth player to mens teams even after the 1. game if they do not exceed the maximum number of players of the original lineup. This allow the clubs to give their talented youth players more match practice, especially if the youth team games are finished.
    The same should apply for players of younger youth teams if they want to play with older youth teams.
    The games must be played according to the schedule. Postponements are only possible 4 days before the match day. For youth-teams school events should not be a reason, except exams applicable for all schools and announced by the responsible Dep Ed. Youth games for U 14 and younger should never be played on a Sunday, exceptions need a written approval of both teams at least 4 days in advance. Other competition such as Cesafi should not have any impact to the schedule after the original schedule is released.
    All games should be played in a league format and the winner must be decided with the point system. Goal difference should not be applied, especially in youth games. If there are equal points deciding matches should be set up.
    All rules except what is handled by FIFA law of the game must be undisputed available in writing before the first game.
    I hope this comments are helpful and will be applied.
    This are points which should be clear before the registration is started. Still, there are no complete written rules and regulations available before the registration.
    Also the increase of the fee seems to be too high. I want to hear what PFF and AFC says if CFA still wants to ignore the implementation of an independent comittee.
    Thanks to Aboitiz for their support, I think their intention is good.