04 October 2018

Bangabandhu Gold Cup - Bangladesh 0-1 Philippines


Bangabandhu Gold Cup

Bangladesh vs Philippines

Sylhet District Stadium , Sylhet , Bangladesh

Match time : 6.30 pm (Bangladesh) 8.30 pm (Philippines)

Livestream :


0-1 Kenshiro Daniels
0-1 HT
0-1 FT

Philippines win group , play semifinal in Cox's Bazar on Tuesday


  1. Jonny, it should Bangladesh vs Philippines XI.

    Nowhere near the 'A' team. In fact, it's not even a 'B' team.

  2. So it is a C team cause most of them are locals give them a chance man.

    1. "Give them a chance". That's not the point! It's having a proper label of what the team is. Maybe you can call it a C team. At the end of the day it isn't the A team. You have Gayoso going around saying he scored his first international goal for the A team which is wrong!!

    2. no technically it's not wrong. It's not his fault they didn't send the first choice internationals to the tournament. It's an official international appearance and his goal counts as a full international. Just like any of the players who scored during Peace Cup

    3. Well on the PFF's letter excusing Gayoso from international team, the PFF considers the national team as an "A" national team therefore their participation in the tournament are full FIFA internationals and players get caps for the senior national team.

      However he team is essentially a second team even according to their coach despite being considered an A team by the PFF and FIFA. This should be emphasized to temper expectations.

    4. The PFF doesn't know shit! Any tournament that is meant for the A team which the Philippines joins, they automatically consider the team as the A team regardless of what the make up of the team.

      Even the Philippine team that played in last year's CTFA Cup is the A team for them when it wasn't anywhere it. They even contradict themselves. They were suppose to send the U-22's for that but they later changed it to that team because the CTFA wanted it to be a senior team.

      Just to show further proof of the PFF's idiocy, when they announced the squad for the Bangabandhu Cup, they still listed Bahadoran as a Perak player yet his contract with them was terminated in late May!!!

      And finally, with regards to FIFA, just because is recognized by FIFA doesn't automatically make it an A match. In the same manner if a match isn't recognized by FIFA, doesn't automatically make it a non A match!!

    5. Maybe the PFF wanted to give token international caps to some players and gain ranking points. I dont get it why Cooper isnt coaching the team.

      We are at a disconnect here. By A match I meant FIFA's match regulations defining A matches as ties between designated A representative teams of its members. Both the Philippines and Bangladesh considers their team as an A team on paper despite the formers team actually being the second team. You are referring the "A team" here in a more casual sense : the team with its best/mainstay players. So that is why the other commentator said "technically".

    6. The tournament organizers clearly states that all participants are "A" national teams except the PH, which is said to be team "B" which is right, right? Anyway FIFA will consider this "A" matches for PH, regardless to whoever our players are(2nd stringer or 3rd), because whats clear also is that our team s composed of 99.9 pros, only Jarvey is still in the amateurs, the other U-23 Jarvis, Clarino and Ace are PFL players already.. It is understandable why the PFF send this second unit because as PYH states they don't want tired legs(and the danger of injuries) at the AFF and AFC tournaments which are more important than the Bangabandhu Cup, our team will have around 5-9 matches in the next three mnts and the AFCAC is in January.. They are also gearing up for a more competitive friendly match againts Oman.. The Ali Al Habsi lead Oman is the highest rank Nat'l team that we will go up againts in year 2018, so its the biggest challenge this year, even bigger than Tajikistan, Palestine or Thailand, last year we have China.. Now we all know(including our opponents) that this is not our "A" team and its clear its not U-23 either, so whatever it is, its somewhere in between, maybe team "X" or "Z" but the point is, this "?" team is battling AFC "A" teams and they are beating them.. So its a legit seniors international goal for Jarvey because its againts the Lao sr Nat'l team in an "A" FIFA match.. I was a little worried also when i heard Cooper will make this like a dress rehearsal on an FIFA "A" match, i was worried it will be another CTFA Cup fiasco, but this team have passed the test... Winning againts the Tajiks and Palestine will be a bonus..

    7. @Anonymous 5 October 2018 at 19:54

      FIFA has contradicted their own regulations/statutes in the past. As already said, just because a match is recognized by FIFA as an A match doesn't it is one! It's a basis of what is an A match but FIFA is not the be all and end all of what an A match is!!

      Cooper along with the rest of the regular coaching not being their just proves even further this team isn't the A team!!

    8. @Anonymous 5 October 2018 at 20:08

      Again, FIFA is not the be all and end all of what is considered an A match!! The Bangladesh FF are obviously the organizers as it's their tournament. Their federation president wanted all teams to send their A team therefore they registered all matches as A matches even before knowing the standard of team each nation was going to send! So FIFA isn't at fault and therefore you can't base it off them.

      Interesting you mention the training camp and friendly against Oman. The A team will be start the camp on the 8th. The Philippine team at the Bangabandhu Cup play their semis on the 9th! How can you have the A team in two different places at once?!?!?!

      For arguments sake, lets say the Philippines reaches the finals. That is played on the 12th. The A team plays Oman on the 13th! Simply put, go figure!!!

      Whether or not this Philippine team in Bangaldesh is winning or not has nothing to with regards to it being a B team or whatnot! You're (flawed) logic is that they're winning therefore these are "legit" A internationals. Wrong!!!

      How would you fit your logic with the CTFA Cup last year?!?! They beat Laos but then lost to Timor-Leste and Chinese Taipei. It clearly wasn't anywhere near the A team. Your logic doesn't fit and it doesn't make sense in general!!

    9. My friend you are so much into conspiracy theories, your argument is pointless, it is similar to alien topics, and that the world is plat and all that, sori i dont have time for it bro.. I would glagly response on a pure football sense.. Whatever your problem with the FIFA, the PFF, BFF lets just be realistic here, because we cant have it our way man, i also wish we could but we are not on the high places, it is what it is man. Your partly right that its a "B" but you cannot reason out with that to FIFA once you accept the invitation, whatever team you are sending they will label it "A". But just going back to my point, just use simple analysis and dont overused logic. . Whatever your point is FIFA only recognises around six squads in around six levels of FIFA International competitions, namely senior mens international team, U-23, U-19, U-16, U-15 and the fulsal team. The womens in similar number.. FIFA does not recognize the team B or C category competitions, there is no such thing as that.. Because there is only one seniors nat'l team right? One Philippine Azkals right? A Nations FF or FA usually dont send there sr Nat'l team to any friendlies or tournaments if it is not strategic and that it will only bring a damaging effect on its FIFA rankings.. FIFA has its International match calendar for any international matches or tournaments, it is the proper time for national team duties as a particular FF or FA will have everybody available except if a club local or abroad in whatever reason does not released a player for his national team duty like in the case of Javier Patino and others. But on the case of the Azkals in Taipei, the CTFA Cup sched is not on that international window and that the PFL playoffs is ongoing, most of our best players locally based or playing abroad are on there club duties.. What happened was unavoidable, us the PFF being invited could not refuse the CTFA, as they have been generous to us in our down years welcoming us in the Long Teng Cup in the past, and it was they also that suggested to continue the tournament which eventually become the Peace Cup which we hosted for three years, bringing along with it international exposure to many Azkals who are now legends, then for the record, our first title since 1913.. So it was all about generosity of the human spirit, but we paid for its price also.. . The team that we send was basically team "B" as it is at Bangabandhu squad.. So it is understood that its not the first team, yes correct, we know it as it is. It was the group from Davao who push for it and managed and sponsor it.. It was mostly Aguilas FC players a club already eliminated from that seasons playoffs aided by some U-23 players.. Im sure you know what happen next? after all the arguments, the blaming game and criticism about the fiasco in Taipei, what happen did happen no matter how you put it, it is our national team that was send, and FIFA along with our opponents see it as such so it was an "A" match no matter what the circumstances are. So we dropped in that months World rankings... During that aftermath CT and Timor-Leste rises in the world rankings and Vietnam surpassed us at the top of the AFF rankings.. CT in particular jump from 143 to 134, and they celebrate like we did in 2010 Hanoi.. As for the Azkals it did some damage, we dropped from 116 to 127.. As i said i have my worries about this Bangabandhu team, that it will bring a similar damage as in CTFA Cup.. What the PFF should have done is refuse the invitations in any tournaments at whatever level in which we cannot send our strong side, so just to avoid similar results to the CTFA tournament. But the PFF says Copper has a plan and it looks to be working right now.. This team is said to be a tryout team and some of the players that will impressed Copper will make it in Qatar against Oman? or maybe the AFF in Nov.

    10. If they will make it in the 12th, win or lose logically the Bangabandhu team will have no time to make it in Qatar from Bangladesh for the Oman friendly match. That is the reason why Cooper created two separate teams, the team in Bangladesh is basically just a tryout team.. But as of the moment the Bangabandhu team is the "A" team, in nature it is.. But eventually all of its players will be on that recent call-up list in the 13th and the other team that is being build(the true "A" team) will eventually be the current squad at that point in Oct.13. Even if its only a day apart, it can happen right? A National team can change its entire line up in any day, doing that is not prohibited by FIFA right? Its not that complicated or hard to understand that we can do that. That is two separate dates and two separate matchs, although two separate teams also, its not two separate teams at the same time, i hope that is clear enough for you bro.. Cooper built two separate teams with two separate purpose and that it will carry a single name "Philippine Azkals". Although coach Anto is in charge in Bangladesh, Cooper is the one that is behind its plans. It will be his doing and undoing. It is his idea that we are arguing right now, some are maybe confused about the his idea. I already made my explanation, i hope that helps. If it suceeds in Bangladesh and we have good results in Qatar, all credit goes to Coopers genius. He have already made a good gamble after our team avoided upsets from Laos and Bangladesh, as we are supposed to beat this squad because the gap between us and them are far, that is the scary part and they passed the test already. Now the easy part but the harder task is the semis.. The Tajiks and our true "A" squad are almost at the same level right now, while the Palestinians who denied us the AFC Challenge Cup in 2014 are slightly ahead of our true "A" team(to be precise). But its not our true "A" that they are facing, so it would be acceptable if this "?" team in Bangladesh would eventually lose to any of the two teams mention.. But what this team should avoid is the same result in China last year, thats the worst that could happen for this team. Its still a gamble at this point, Oct.9 is days away. But i only hope for the best for our team.. And God bless PHL Azkals and to its fans..

  3. Yung bedic #2 na FW, dapat palitan. Daming sinasayang na opportunity.