30 April 2017

PFL : Stallion Laguna Fc Roster


  1. Six foreigners???

  2. yes, I am surprised that they have 6 foreigners in roster . I was expecting max 4 or 5 .

    1. Gastanes announced that it was going to be a 3+1 rule for foreigners. Now Stallion have registered six!!

      The PFF also announced Global Cebu will be playing at the USC Stadium. That's not going to happen either.

      JPV Marikina also won't be playing a majority of their home games in Marikina.

      The PFF said there was going to be a cup competition. There's been absolutely nothing on that. Perhaps it won't happen in the first season!!

      Club licensing regulations aren't even being followed as seen with most of clubs and their names and their nicknames (in some cases lack of a nickname).

      I'd say it's a shit and rocky start to the pro era of local football!

    2. Why do club nicknames even matter? Let that organically happen as clubs assimilate to their cities

    3. They don't matter per se, but having a nickname is a requirement as per the club licensing system!

    4. These are another examples of Araneta's crappy management skills, and he wants a seat in the FIFA Asian Council. Give me a break! Another corrupt, useless political official for FIFA.