17 April 2017

Davao Aguilas Fc sign Fil-English Levi Silva

Dqvao Aguilas Fc has signed Fil-English Levi Gilmar Di Silva Fernandez-Lynch.
He played for UFL club Stallion Fc before returning to Europe.

Davao Aguilas Fc will be on training camp in Singapore.


  1. Serious contender n tlaga ang Davao Aguilas. S nki2ta ko, cla ang mgi2ng dark horse ng PFL.

    Ask ko lng, ano ang official lineup ng Davao Aguilas (updated)?

  2. it looks like hindi mo pa alam ang lineup ng Aguilas yet you already think serious contender na sila. wow! i think you've gone too far. you might be set for a big disappointment. i'm a davao aguilas fan being from davao, but i don't think they are a serious contender, at least in the inaugural season.

  3. I remember him. He did not impress Nierras.

    1. yeah. he sucks. cant even play against ust and mendiola (san beda) during the ufl cup 2015