30 November 2016

Ceres FC denies having 2 teams in the PFL

By Jerome S. Galunan, Jr.
The management of Ceres-Negros FC denied claims they are fielding a second team in next year’s Philippines Football League (PFL).
Last week, a Mindanao-based paper reported, apart from Bacolod City, Ceres would also have a team based in Davao City.
Club Administrator Nicolas Golez, over the weekend, insisted they only have one club.
Meanwhile, Ceres FC is set to resume training on December 26, for the 2017 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Cup qualifying playoff, which takes place in February./


  1. no new ceres club....hehehe

  2. Smc and 1st pacific mvp-salim group ang peg na gusto ng ceres na mangyari sa PFL. Monopoly of leagur

    1. There is actually a FIFA rule that prohibits clubs owners or potential club owners from owning 2 or more clubs
      Since PFL is sanctioned and has blessing by FIFA and AFC don't expect monopoly or duopoly in Pinoy football
      PBA, despite being the second oldest league in the world next to NBA is not and never was affiliated to FIBA - they have their own rules regarding basketball and FIBA sanctions and suspensions never apply to PBA and its clubs

    2. dapat sinasanction ng fiba mga ganyang liga, ung mga ligang may sariling mundo. fiba should flex there muscles about those rogue leagues.

    3. NBA as well is never affiliated to FIBA
      But considering USA's talent pool in hoops and the long history of the league they are more powerful enough to deter FIBA from imposing FIBA rules and policies on them

    4. League is different from FRANCHISE
      The same reason NBA and PBA are called "associations" and not a league
      People fear that the upcoming PFL will be the same as PBA well to tell you this it won't be

    5. Agree both nba and pba are assocition or a mere political partylist.kaya investors and sponsors are hesistant na mag invest sa ABL or asean basketball dahil iba ang sports fandom culture ng Asean di nila masisikmura ang club doupoly/monopoly sa football siguradong riot ang mangyayari.Unlike d2 masydong tolerant ang fandom kahit harap harapan ng niloloko ng PBA dahil sa monopoly ng mga club cartel.kaya chance yan sa PFL na mag shine & prove themeselves na maging pinakamalaking football league sa bansa.

    6. God bless PFL and more clubs to join.

    7. PBA these days is a joke - just like WWE it's now sports entertainment