15 November 2016

Azkals Updates

Daisuke Sato : Reports that he is back to his Romanian club waiting for clearance to return to Philippines

Javier Patino : Still not ready for AFF Suzuki Cup , problems with his Chinese club ?

Mike Ott : Reports that he has arrived Philippines.

Minegishi : Not confirmed if he is ready for AFF Suzuki Cup


Cedelf P. Tupas Twitter : "Suzuki Cup: Mike Ott in Manila to join . Javier Patiño ruled out due to club commitments. Daisuke Sato waiting for release from Iasi"


  1. WTF is up with Patino's situation?! If he has "club commitments" when the season is already over, then the PFF should take it to FIFA. Load of BS!

    1. Yeah, that`s lame. Season finished already and his club is also not in the Chinese cup final by end of November. So why club commitments?

  2. Yes but he is still under contract with his club and since suzuki cup is not on fifa calendar clubs has the right not to release their players for international duty......thats the problem of suzuki cup.

  3. Suzuki Cup is not under FIFA Calendar. Don't expect Patino to be with us and also Sato..