29 July 2016

UFL - Pasargad , Nomads and Agila have withdrawn from league !

"Pasargad FC, Nomads FC and Agila MSA FC have withdrawn from the UFL. The league will return to action on August 6. "Nevon Reyes

"Pullouts result from a cancelled transfer window. That means transfers are invalid, in which Muller (Ceres) and Mintah (Kaya) are notables." Kevin Estrada


  1. alarming, ufl should make an immidiate action regarding to this every year eroding of fc's.

  2. Nakakalungkot naman isipin maramin na nag withdraw na mga teams sa UFL. PFF should take action na regarding sa national league na yan..

    1. it's just a league in NCR that happens to be broadcast nationwide.

  3. Lol ung mhihina kcng teams payagan na puro foreigner or rip ufl next year

  4. Not suprised when it comes to Nomads, they been going through rough times off and in the pitch. (regarding ownership issues on their turf for example)

  5. Unless drastic actions are taken by the pff, the ncrfa or the other assocs, the league is destined for a belly flop. Might i suggest something, this maybe extremely far fetched, or just drunk posting. There are plans for an.asean league that singapore nd the philippines has always been interested in, butbnever pushed through or had been put on hold for the time being. But what ever the it is, it still has not materialised.the sleague thought more organised than the ufl has seen its share of "withdrawals" tajong, woodlands and etoile to name a few. My suggestion that the "better" ufl clubs "apply" for status in the sing league. Or better yet convince the sinagporeans to have a joint league. The former isnt so far fetched, several leagues have clubs from different countries, notable the u.s. system where it isn't uncommon to see clubs from the u.s. canada, bermuda, antigua and puerto rico play in one league. This is, in my perspective a great opportunity for the sleague to spread commercially and for the phils clubs/league to develope.

    1. interesting..

    2. Stupid comment..
      Why the would want more foreign teams to join their league??
      They have already been flagged by AFC and have minimized chance of entering the champions league.
      As for the Asean League you guys can dream on..
      The idiot who was pushing the idea have been forced to step down from the football association..
      Those who are intending to replace him will have never been supportive of this concept.

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    5. .

      Really? Stupid? It was a suggestion? And if you've read my initial remark i said it may have just been drunk posting.
      Primarily , which team, club or counrty are your referring to when you say flagged?

      Secondly, are you refering to the asean super league. The fact of the matter is that the singFA is keen on the idea, “FIFA is currently finalising the regulations of the competition. We are confident the ASL will begin in 2017,” and you mustvhave miss read something, the Singapore football chief says ASEAN Super League ‘stepping stone’ for local stars to level up. Though, the malaysiana are cold to this idea. And this the reason why i SUGGESTED it.

      This idea comes an already exsisting system the have in singapore in which several foriegn clubs have have been allowed to participated in the Sleague, . my suggestion was more or less parterned with this in mind.

      And lastly, my answer to your initial question, which was why would they want more foriegn clubs in their league? One is expansion, Football like any sports oriented business needs an expanding fan base inorder to survive, let alone thrive. Singapore is a small nation, though football mad its still tiny and its population even smaller.

       This is hypothetical,but if "provincial based" clubs like ceres global and stallions and manila based teams like loyola and kaya, teams with an already established fan bases are "invited" to play in the Sleague or have a both organizations form real 2 nation "united" football league, clubs and teams would expand the reach of singaporean football,encourage more interest to our local clubs and and also football in general in the philippines.

      A "united" league could also mine an untapped resource, the estimated 200,000 filipino community in the city-state.

    6. One final word on this matter, a 2 nation "united football league" may be precursor to the asean super league if the proposal hits a brick wall.

    7. Dun you understand??
      The clown who is pushing for asl is force to step down or singapore will be ban like indonesia..
      The replacement for this clown is keen on local development like thailand.
      Thailand malaysia is not keen in joining asl.
      Indonesian club cannot even afford to pay wages..
      How to sustain their asl adventure.
      Do your research on asean football before suggesting in future.

    8. Singapore football is not small.
      Its like scotland football.
      It just that they have clowns running the show and destroying the football as we speak.
      There are enough teams and players to form a two tier league but the clowns just not interested in developing it.

      They use to qualify directly for acl.
      But due to participation of foreign teams in cup and league, AFC remove their automatic rights and replace it with qualification spot instead.

      That why you should go learn what is happening in singapore football suggesting 2 country league etc.
      It really make you look stupid.

    9. First of all you're mumbling.

      Second the spl's total market value is a worth staggering 130M euro while Kilmarnock's total value is costs more than all the teams in the sleague combined. I really dont have any idea where you're getting your info. 

      third, this is the 2nd time you used the word stupid. Initially to open your reply and this time to end one. You should try using words such as: unintelligent, ignorant, dense,
      foolish, dullwitted, slow,simpleminded, imbecile, obtuse and dim in your sentences next time.

      I dont mean any insult. But What i wrote was an opinion, an idea which i wanted to share to add to the discourse.

      I don't mind someone calling me or  my ideas stupid, as long as the person does not cower under annonynity and especially from someone who can't construct or defend his comment without using the word "stupid, you dimwitted, slowwitted, dumb,moronic,
      halfwitted,braindead, boneheaded,daft, half-baked, lamebrain **ck!

    10. the 2 country league is not good will only diminish the ordinary filipinos football dream look at what happend to abl no one apparently is interested and if there is only very few ones even if our most decorated basketball club was there san miguel it didnt help so they pulled it out, what i think we really need now is the formation of the national league step by step slowly by slowly we can actually make football great again yet since 2013 we havent got any news about its formation everything else is speculation thats really sad for philippine football

  6. Roland Muller is a FREE AGENT! FREE AGENTS can sign for any team at anytime!

    I'm no ceres fan but if they want to sign him, they're free to do so and don't need to have an open transfer window!!!

  7. Hold HOld hold! Mine was deleted now because we have to wait for the official announcement of the league regarding the pullouts. The league will stay at 12 for a while but the sched gave us a clue right now.

  8. PFF has done nothing to prepare for the transition to a national league

  9. If Muller ever signs for Ceres it's not counted as transfer, because he is a free agent and no existing contract binds him (his contract with Servette FC has expired)
    Transfer in football: when that player is moving from current club to new club with existing contract whether purchased or free of charge by the latter

  10. i suggested a temporary salary cap for ufl clubs before OR bakit di na lang gawin nating pagandahin ang PFF National Men's Club Championship where we can demand FA's to have leagues of their own. demand because if they can't do it, they should step down and have someone else do it. top teams from FA's get to battle it out this time with media coverage. may facebook live na rin in case ayaw sumuporta ng networks. mahirap lang naman gawin ito pag walang kikilos ng libre. the fact is ang daming gustong tumulong yung FA's lang inaangkin lahat parang mga buwaya sa gobyerno.