27 December 2009

Friendly matches on Taiwan

News from Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) FA website.

Philippines will play the friendly against Taiwan NT in Kaohsiung on 16. January ,18.00 local time and in World Games Stadium . Capacity 40.000 !

They will also play a friendly at same venue next day against Tainan County, a team in Taiwan local 1. Div league.

Neil Etheridge , Philippines goalkeeper is injured and doubtful for the friendlies


  1. azkals should have team A and team B.. for weaker oppossiton, we shouldnt rely heavily on our star players. using a philippine based team will better develop our football in some friendlies. ok lang kung wala si neil kase kelangan magaling din ang mga back-up players natin di ba.

  2. I could not agree more. The problem with the Philippine league is that the management, the vision and the goal are all unpolished, problematic and mismanaged.

    Goodness, we have such a messy place around the league. Can anyone clean it up??? Given the opportunity to do the cleaning up, I will definitely, clean it up.

    To all the managers and to the management of our beloved league....

    You are not a politician so stop doing so much politics. Have a concrete vision and then practice those vision with the highest standard of passion and rightness...

  3. Its not necessary to fly in the boys from abroad when theyre only playing a friendly. Most countries use friendlies to try out new players or local players. In this case, the PFF should use the local players and give them some international experience. The president said a while back that they didnt send a team to SEA games because of no fundinds. Well, they seem to afford to get the players from abroad. Yes, the PFF pay for their fare. Its a matter of priority, and they could save a lot of money that they can use on local football projects, grassroot programs etc. But looks like theyre after FIFA points, the pogi points.

  4. I have talked with an NT player with initials A.P. who played since the SEAGames and he told me that the our Fil-foreign players are not really much better than our local player. They are given more playing time than the locals and most of his teammates especially the good ones from Iloilo are demoralized because of this. According to him, regardless of who the coach is, it doesnt matter because most of the decisions including player selection are made by the PFF President and the coach has very little say on this.

  5. Well, some of the fil-foreigners are really good. Ive seen the local players, also this A.P, and many of them wouldnt make it to the reserve teams for the bigger clubs abroad. They cant compete for example on Jason de Jongs level. The fil-foreigners are picked because of the systematic training they go throughout the year, and they play more competitive games. But i really do see your point. Norman Fegidero did try with local players, but was overruled by the PFF and started a headhunt for fil-foreigners just a few weeks before they started the qualifier in Iloilo in 2008 was it? And he also quit after that tournament because of what you said. Even if they picked out a team of local players, there would still be many local players better than those picked, because the PFF never really go through the whole country to pick out the best players. Which is a shame.

    I think in a couple of years the NT will be composed of fil-foreigners only, with a few local boys on the bench. Thats pretty much the deal now also, and since they got a english coach, they will recruit more players from abroad to play for the NT.

  6. I was referring to the first batch of Fil-foreigners in the SEAgames and I think a couple or so of those boys do not deserve to be in the team. I haven't seen De Jong or Etheridge play and hope they're really good. Bringing in deserving Fil-foreigners will definitely accelerate our NT's competetiveness. Hopefully, this will better promote the sport and games will be televised. The hiring of the foreign coach is long overdue. I agree the mens' and also age group NT selection leaves much to be desired. In the absence of mens national or even city-level tournaments, there is no way of knowing if we are able to scout the best players in the country. Few players can afford to go the Manila, Iloilo or San Carlos to try out. I can only see one system now that is really working and should be effective for scouting the best possible local players and this is the Palarong Pambansa, but of course, this is only limited to a couple of age groups. I am not even sure if PFF realizes this.

  7. Ah, i see. Youre right, one of the fil-foreigners who played for the U23 team in the SEA games didnt deserve to be there. One of them started 1 game, and it was over for that kid after halftime. And according to most people, that was 45minutes too much, and that was all he played in that tournament.

    Regarding the foreign coach. I havent really made up my mind yet if its overdue or not. I would really want to know what the PFF has in mind regarding that hiring. Is it a long term deal, or a 1 year deal? Since the guy is english, he probably know something about the England based players already, and make this an opportunity to check out the local players and give them more international exposure. The other guys know already what its all about.

    Good point on the scouting. For instance, take the recent U19 tournament in China. The filipino goalie was actually recommended by his opponents in Palarong Pambansa in the recent years to the management and was asked to try out, and he made it after missing half the try out period, and also made it as the starting goalie in all of their games. If it werent for his opponents in Palaro, he wouldve never made it to the U19 team.