03 November 2018

FIFA Women's Olympic Qualifiers in Tajikistan - Philippines 9-0 Singapore

FIFA Women's Olympic Qualifiers in Tajikistan
Philippines vs Singapore , 4 pm PHT
Livestream :

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  1. Women's team is no problem. Our problem is our youth teams -the backbone of our future Azkals. All hype are given for the Mens team but no preparation was being mentioned for our coming U16, U18 and especially our U22 which will be in the ASEAN games next year and will be hosted in Clark, Pampanga. Too much bias and one sidedness is what the PFF on its status. Our neighbors are busy preparing their U22 and youth teams while ours was being forgotten because stupid people are so enamored by Foreign born pinoys who will take us to the promised land when Suzuki Cup comes. Too many laptop coaches are having their fearless predictions on the coming results of Suzuki Cup. Too many people and bandwagon fans calling out all foreign born players to come and play for our flag and country because its Sven Goran Erickson as our new head coach. Too many praises , too much confidence without the proper coaching knowledge are now feeding the social media especially the Philippine Football League United Fans Club. The Philippine Football is not a place for homegrown talents anymore. The Diaspora of overseas talents are overwhelming but are we totally proud that they are not trained here? and can they easily bond with one another just because they came from abroad and from a big club? Short term goals and band aid solution is not the answer.

    1. I totally agree, PFF seems too concentrated with band aide solutions to our men's team..our PFF honchos.do not admit that we really lack proper and long term grassroots programs...d tayo pwede umasa nalang palagi sa fil-foreign players the.true.result.of our football development is when.we.have grassroots players suiting up regularly for the national team.na galing mula sa sa mga u-21, u-19 & u-17 team na may same quality as their fil-foreign counterparts.

    2. Sadly, papogi lng lahat ang PFF. They don't have a program where our youth teams are given international exposures every year. They should have training camps too outside the country. Puro Azkals lng ang nasa kokote ng PFF na yan..

    3. I think you're barking on the wrong tree here... Azkals or our NT main goal is to improve & make football popular here in our country certainly Fil-fors are a big help in that part as they are our only chance in winning football games and maybe even the suzuki Cup 2018.. now its the PFF who should be doing its part as the governing body of Phil. football to produce grassroots talent its been 8 years and still our youth squad are whipping boys in SEA even Timor Leste have a better youth program than ours...

    4. Improve? because of a band aid solution? make football popular because we rely on other countries grassroots to deliver their class "B" players to us? What kind of idea would that be? Oh, the PFF senior team is the only one in the world where there is a manager who speaks in behalf of the head coach and during interviews his face is always present. The whole idea that palami is the savior of Philippine Football is a farce.

    5. look at the quality of play in the PFL it has improved a lot because of the influx of fil-fors and imports playing in that league.. I not saying Palami is the savior of Philippines but the guy help Philippine football by putting it back on the Philippine sports scene. why so much hatred on the guy? if there is someone who you should be bashing its the PFF.. they have done nothing since the Miracle in Hanoi 8 years and still our youth squad have underachieve.. I'm not defending Palami here but lets give credit to him.