09 February 2018

Japanese coach newly appointed in Philippines

For the development of football in Asia, the Japan Football Association has been dispatching technical experts to many countries in Asia. Today we introduce Mr. MIZUSHIMA Musashi and Mr. HIRATA Reiji, who has just started their new assignment in Cambodia and Philippines respectively.

HIRATA Reiji, Head of Youth Development in Philippines
I have landed this beautiful country to work as the Head of Youth Development of the Philippines Football Federation (PFF). This country has a population of 100 million with an average age of 23. People here takes great care of their family, loves festivals, and football has been very popular recently. The national team consists with not only domestic players, but players with different roots, including players with German, English and Japanese backgrounds. The team is called “Azkals” meaning mixed-bred wild dog in the native Tagalog language and the team is gaining more and more recognition in Asia. This diversity is a strength that we can expand on. Working together with the PFF President Mr. Araneta and everyone involved, I will do my best to develop the youth and help football in the Philippines move forward.



  1. Finally a competent coach with lots of experience is finally handling our youth teams. Enough of the Caslib pet dogs inside the PFF coaching jobs!!

  2. not Maro? may himala!

    1. The Japanese Tech expert based on the article will head the Youth Development in the country but that does not necessarily mean he will be assigned to coach a youth national team

  3. In 2013 the German Football Federation (DFB) commissioned Thomas Roy a German football expert who used to manage the German youth soccer development system and was also involved in the selection of the German youth teams, to assist the PFF in implementing a youth development program, on a regional and national scale. Sadly nothing significant was accomplished during his 2-year assignment as the Caslib group remained the center of everything despite their obvious lack of vision in building the future of football in the country. Caslib has been PFF Technical Director for the longest time and yet we have not seen any strategic plan and has not set up a 10-20 year vision for the future of Philippine football. While coaching Meralco FC Caslib was replaced by his partner in crime Marlon Maro who is a clone of Caslib.

  4. Parehong Caslib and Maro useless in PFF youth development. Bulsa at interest lng ang inuuna nila. Ngayon Wla na naman sa PFL coaching si Cris dahil tumiklop ang Loyola babalik na naman ng PFF yan. Kangkungan pa rin ang youth teams natin.