06 June 2017


Kuala Lumpur: The remaining teams in this season's AFC Cup have had their paths to the final clarified following the competition's Knockout Stage draw in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday.
Draw Result
Zonal Final - WEST
September 12, First leg: Al Wahda (SYR) v Air Force Club (IRQ)
September 26, Second leg: Air Force Club v Al Wahda
Zonal Final - ASEAN
August 2, First leg: Home United (SIN) v Ceres Negros (PHI)
August 9, Second leg: Ceres Negros v Home United
Inter-Zone Play-off
August 22, SF1 First leg: FC Istiklol (TJK) v ASEAN Zonal Champion
September 12, SF1 Second leg: ASEAN Zonal Champion v FC Istiklol
August 23, SF2 First leg: JSW Bengaluru (IND) v 4.25 SC (PRK)
September 13, SF2 Second leg: 4.25 SC v JSW Bengaluru
Inter-Zone Final
September 27, First leg: SF1 v SF2
October 18, Second leg: SF2 v SF1
2017 AFC Cup final
November 4
Host: Inter-Zone Final Winner

In West Asia’s Zonal final, Syria’s Al Wahda will host the first leg, with defending champions Air Force Club of Iraq hosting the second leg. The winner will qualify for the AFC Cup final.
Singapore’s Home United will welcome Ceres Negros of the Philippines for the ASEAN Zonal Final first leg, before travelling to Bacolod City for the return tie a week later.
The ASEAN Zonal Champion will qualify for the Inter-Zone Play-off Semi-finals, where they will face Central Zonal Champion FC Istiklol over two legs. The winners will subsequently host the opening game of the Inter-Zone final.
Meanwhile, 2016 runners-up JSW Bengaluru will host DPR Korea’s 4.25 SC in the first leg of their Inter-Zone Play-off Semi-Final, before heading to Pyongyang for the second leg.
The 2017 AFC Cup final will be hosted by the winner of the Inter-Zone Play-off.
Photo: AFC

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