22 February 2017

Azkals prepare for Asian Cup qualifiers

MANILA, Philippines — With a month to go before the Asian Cup qualifiers campaign for the Azkals, which kicks off March 28 against Nepal, the team is set to participate in some friendlies.
According to Azkals team manager Dan Palami, the team has been in touch with three overseas signees for the squad: a midfielder, defender and forward, who have yet to confirm in joining but have shown intent. Their names have been in the rounds in social media.
They are also in the process of securing Filipino passports to be eligible for the squad.
The Azkals are bracketed in Group F of the third round of the 2019 Asian Cup qualifiers, along with Nepal, Yemen and Tajikistan.



  1. who are these new recruits?

  2. Fil-Iranian Nazari brothers maybe ?

  3. Fil-Swedish Jesper Nyholm ?

    It must be some who can be in the starting XI. no teenager...

  4. My Guess:
    Defender: Jesper Nyholm
    Midfielder: Brandon Magpayo
    Forward: Raphael Obermair

  5. It's not Brandon Magpayo,as he's still recuperating from an injury plus he's still studying and will only be available if he's healthy by June/July. He's also busy lunching his own Application he's quite busy right now.

    Defenders might be Sverre Bjorkkjaer(LB),Kevin Guerra(LB), Jeffrey Malcherek (CB) or Michael Kempter (LB) all of them are under-22. while the midfield might be Amin Nazari (CM) or Obermair (RM)

    Pancho Fernandez might be the Forward.

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