02 October 2016

UFL : Global Fc 7-0 Laos Fc , Global Fc champions


  1. Laos fc fielded only 10 players from start. Then down to 9 after 55 mins when injured player...

    1. Laos FC is seriously "laos". Are these guys just making a joke in soccer, i.e. call yourself Laos FC and then perform so badly. Andrew E. is the manager??? They just needed the workout with matching uniforms.

  2. I am assuming that some of the players spent money to travel from Tacloban to Manila. I do not think it's worth it if they had traveled from Cavite. UFL should rethink about team competitive balance or parity within the UFL. Or the attendance will go downhill. Maybe the PFF should consider this too, in designing the next year's league.