22 June 2009

Football in Ipil, Surigao

I was watching Sunday's football tournament in Ipil football field, not far from Mabua Beach outside Surigao City.

Two teams in U14 and two in U16. Ipil FC won U14 and Surigao National High won U16. Ipil got a good grass field and i hope they will use the field for football matches in the future.

I had also the chance to play two friendlies on Saturday and Sunday with Surigao FA officials and some players from Surigao. One of them was former U21 National team player Romnick Echin from Surigao .

Funny but very hot to play at 3 pm in Philippines !

Back to Dinagat Islands and no more football this vacation.

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  1. Thanks Johnny for publishing the event